Posted by Erica January 26, 2012
It seems we have talked alot recently about 3D printing and now Creo Design is breaking the mold of 3D printing and leaping into the world of Metal 3D Printing (as opposed to Plastic). Creo has come up with some awesome jewelry peices, suitable for both guys and girls,  all of which are 3D printed to order. BOOM!!
Check out this Spray Cap Silver Ring. So cool!
All of the pieces will be available in a range of Metals including:
  • Silver & Polished Silver
  • Stainless Steel
  • Bronze & Antique Bronze
  • Gold and Polished Gold

My personal favorite is the peice that pays homage to the godfather of all toys:  LEGO. I need to get my paws one one of them!

Check out Creo's Amaglam Jewellery HERE

Oh and a little message from Chis himself

"If any fans/readers have any cool suggestions they can contact me and i will do my best to create their idea :)"

So hit up Creo Design on Facebook with your suggestions!!


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