Posted by Erica January 25, 2012

Let my just start out by saying this "Green Hell on Wheels Casket Cruiser" is beautiful. Nothing is cooler then a Rose Vampire cruising around town in a Casket.

"Smashing petal to the metal and burning rubber, Rose Vampire is back in a brand new ride. If you see this Green Hell on Wheels Casket Cruiser in your rearview mirror, better move over and let him pass because he's nothing but trouble" - Super7

Josh Herbolsheimer's casket cruising creation was cast in Black vinyl with Red, Green, Metallic Green, Light Green (thats a lot of green) , Silver, and Yellow details.

~ available 1/26/12 @12noon Pacific ~ Super7 store ~ Super7 online store ~ $65 ~

Check out our Interview with Josh in issue 16 of clutter


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