Posted by Richie January 14, 2012


Attention Esc Toys enthusiasts! Here we have the latest piece from ESC Toys extraordinaire Erick Scarecrow.

Introducing Little Spiker O.G...


Little Spiker is a beautiful, querky little character with aesthetics in line with others in Erick's range of female protagonists. This is the second figure in the Little Axe Series. The cute facade, the vibrant colours, that deathly cute spiked club. All of this combined with the lovingly hand painted details come together to make a piece that really 'pops' and brings the piece to life and of course gives it a sense of tactile exclusivity.

And of course, if it's exclusivity you're after, you'll be pleased to know that Little Spiker O.G is limited to 20pcs worldwide !

If it's a story you're after, you got it:

"When news reaches Sama Village about the disappearance of her friend, Little Spiker spends all she has left for some weapons to go and search for Little Axe. Upon leaving her home, she visits a Wood Hermit's Shop and purchases a custom made wolf's paw and spike bat. The wolf's paw is magical because it acts like a compass pulling her toward the direction of her missing friend. While her spike bat although chunky in size has a unique scent similar to a massive piece of candy. This aroma constantly lures all sorts of creatures good and bad. Especially Stone Turtum Miccis."

Little Spiker is a limited run of 20 pieces worldwide. Each is a 6" hand painted resin figure and also comes with a 3" spiked bat accessory that's signed and numbered by the artist. Note this collectible is recommended for ages 15 years & up!

The price comes in at $150 plus shipping and handling ($5 for USA but international shipping is also available.)

So if all the above ticks your boxes and has got you salivating for a new toy for your collection, get that trigger finger ready and click here to preorder.




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