Posted by Nick January 11, 2012

Super7s Monster Family is coming in a big way before the end of January featuring 5 figure releases across the next 2 weeks. Most welcome of all of these is the brand new Casket Cruiser, keeping the original sculpt of the Rose Vampire alive! 

So we have brand spanking new versions of Itokin Parks' Garuru and Brian Flynn's Little Prick (I do hope that's not something regularly searched for on Google) - both released tomorrow for $35 each.

Next Thursday (19th) sees the release of the new Abominable Leroy C and Hues of Blues DokuDuo - again bothe $35. I think this is possibly my favourite colorway of the Leroy C since it's release with a milky white looking vinyl accented with metallic blue and silver sprays. Also I think there's a good chance that the DokuDuo is gonna be one of the figures i buy multiple colorways of - this particular colorway isnt doing it for me in this pic but i have faith.

Shockingly the Casket Cruiser is the only place to find negative points in this post - and i've been all over Josh Herbolshiemers Casket Cruiser since it was unveiled - I guess if you read the blog alot you might be aware that i was less than enamoured with the discontinuation of the original Rose Vampire sculpt and the subsequent DX version that took its place. Don't get me wrong I still like the Casket Cruiser now we see it in its final painted form, I'm just not wild about it's $65 pricetag which is almost double the price of the other Monster Family range. 

I may still pick one of the first colorway up, but at $65 it's not going to be as instantly collectible as the original RV was at $30. I don't know enough to comment on what could have caused the price hike and i'm sure it's entirely justifiable whether its related to manufacturing costs, paint masks etc but $65 is making me think twice about how much i want to buy him.

Also today i have no idea what the teaser is for! I am guessing we'll be seeing more Star Wars stuff from Super7 after their stellar work on the Super Shoguns and the release of the wallpaper. Official Super7 x Star Wars apparel?



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