Posted by Richie January 12, 2012

Exciting news for all Ron English fans: Cathy Cowgirl in all her animated curvy, bovine glory comes alive in this new music video, self titled "Cathy Cowgirl" and performed by The Electric Illuminati.

Mr English himself stars in the video along with our heroine Cathy Cowgirl. As you all know, Ron English's work has very strong political and anti-consumerist undertones and Cathy is no different. Her character is a statement about the US Dairy industry's extensive use of bovine growth hormones. The recurring lyrics "Dont mess with mother nature" is stark, haunting and foreboding. Especially when combined with the contrasting laidback, Country & Western rock soundtrack and smooth vocals of The Electric Illuminati, a little reminiscent of Them Crooked Vultures/ Queens of the Stone Age.

Check it out! It's a weirdly provocative and a little grotesque, with our favourite curvaceous cow strutting her stuff throughout. It's a very surreal four minutes; we wouldn't have expected anything less from Ron English.

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