Posted by Miranda January 06, 2012

What could be a better way to spend your Friday night / Saturday, than with the fine folk of Toy Break??  Well now is your chance!! Right now over at the team are getting down to business and broadcasting chat, toys, auctions and much more... who can resist checking in at 5am to see if the sleep depravation has lead to awesome rambling..

What's the point I hear you cry?? Well as we know all too well here at clutter, spreading your love of toys with the world is no cheap affair, and no one is throwing money at us fine folks to keep the lights on and the doors open, so this 24 hour marathon is a fun raiser of sorts. Heaps of fun and lots of entertainment! 

The second (annual) live day with Toy Break started at 5pm (PST) this evening (jan 6th) and will air until 5pm (PST) tomorrow (Jan 7th). Please stop by and show you support (DONATE IN THE LEFT HAND COLUMN), George and Alyeen are awesome and work so hard to keep you informed, they are instrumental in the scene and should be shown all of your love!!

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