Posted by Richie February 01, 2012

An exclusive art print is landing imminently by Jermaine Rogers , the prolific poster artist with a portfolio of countless work for bands and musicians under his belt including Radiohead, Tool, Weezer, Deftones and David Bowie. It's safe to say he's worked with some of the most iconic artists of the Aural spectrum out there.

The piece itself is controversial with some tongue-in-cheek depictions of some religious figures. It's going to get some interesting attention but that's the point. Visually, it's a strong vibrant piece with a look trademark of Jermaine Rogers' illustrative style.


Some words from the man himself:

'In the land of the gods, all is love. They mingle and they fraternize and they bask in the divine glow of each others company. Each of them, in turn, has lorded over the masses of mortal men, collected the spoils of humanity, and have stoked the fires of love and war. Each of them know that there is no 'reality', only perception. They collectively feed from the cultural umbilical cord, which in turn binds them to one another. They are one being, donning different masks. 

so yeah...their 'sheep' need to relax.' 

This Fraternity print will be available to buy at 3PM Eastern (12 Noon) Pacific. This Friday 3rd February.

There'll be two versions availible to purchase:

The Standard edition will be 30x22 screen printed and trimmed-to-bleed on Gallery stock. This is a signed and numbered edition of 50 prints. 

The Foil edition will also be 30x22 screen printed trimmed-to-bleed on holographic foil stock. This is a signed and numbered edition of 20 prints.

Prints are strictly one per buyer and sold on a first come- first served basis.

Click here to buy when the time comes.


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