Posted by Erica February 23, 2012

Finnish sculptor Mari Kasurinen has been working on her collection of Pony Sculptures inspired by several elements of pop-culture.

"Like many girls, I loved My Little Ponies when I was young, especially their bright, unnatural colors, their long, comb-able plastic hair and their collectability, which made them an endless source of gifts".

Mari uses plastics, faux fur, latex for her numerous My Little Pony sculptures. Here are some of my favorite.

"My Little Capitan Jack Sparrow"

"My Little Superman"

"My Little Edward Scissor Hands"

"My Little Andy Warhol"

"My Little Marilyn Monroe"

"My Little Sally The Rag Doll"

"My Little Mad Hatter"

"My Little Gene Simmons"

"My Little Michael Jackson"



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