Posted by Nick February 10, 2012

A small run of these Skull Kid plush figures was made for Japanese fashion label Mastermind's showing at Versus Tokyo. They were given to lucky crowd members who were there, a limited few have been produced for retail. Zozo has a few instock, so if you want one get over there now! Not 100% sure that these are available on the english side of the Zozo site, so good luck with that



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    The lastest ninja of the month has been announced, and what better than Mastermind Ninja, the guy with an evil plan! Released today (Oct 5th) each plush is hand made, 7" x 7" and limited to 100 pieces. Priced at $30, he comes complete with Mr Demon Bling and a pet Lumpbox!
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    Meant to post this yesterday. Mastermind Japan have teamed up with Core Jewels to produce these awesome looking Skull Rings. No word on price as of yet but i'm guessing i won't be able to afford them :( I'm especially loving the Jade lookin ring below.
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