Posted by Richie February 01, 2012

Our friend Clay from jamungo told us about the new NKD Nozzel. Here's some pics to feast your eyes upon.

NKD Nozzel is from the Squadt  range of toys by FERG. 

As cute as Nozzel is, dont be fooled by his unassuming demeanour; a vast array of weapons and accessories including guns, clothing, bags and a knife are availible as 'qpmnt pacs' so Nozzel can pack quite a murderous punch.

Just so you know the particulars on offer, here's a breakdown:

NKD Nozzel- 6" vinyl, ABS and cloth. Includes: 3 sets of eye lenses, 2.0 arms (not shown here) union suit with not so hidden tanto knife and as always a removable helmet.

QPMNT PAC 5 INCLUDES: zip-up hoodie, duffel bag, homemade pistol, pipe bom, and silver lenses.

QPMNT PAC 6 INCLUDES: FB shirt, Scarf, sM4 with scope/supressor, sling bag and FB patch

We're told that Nozzel is already out there for retail so check with your favourite toy retailers if you're wondering about availability. 



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