Posted by Nick February 16, 2012

Good news everyone! (yeah that's right a Futurama reference bitches). AdFunture will be making a welcome return this year according to owner and all round awesome guy Eddie Yipp. I regularly check his blog over on Highsnobiety for some snippets of news and was glad to see this news posted this Valentines day.

The brand is currently working on a few new figures and Eddie also mentions the benefits of running a small scale outfit as well as admitting the company had made a few mistakes in the past decade (make up your own minds about which figures he's referring to) but in an unstable economic climate they will have to be even more careful when choosing figures to release saying 'If we don't truly love it, then there's really no point making it.'

With that kind of simple concept in place i think it's safe to say we'll see some awesome figures from adFunture soon!

Check out Eddi's blog here and instagram users can follow him as @eddiaft



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