Posted by Erica February 07, 2012

Round 5 Teams up with Legendary Art Toy Designer Jeremy "MAD" Madl to produce Bruce Lee's Temple of Kung Fu! The Temple of Kung Fu launch is the first of many Bruce Lee inspired collaborations between Round 5 and other established art toy designers.

"There are so many different things to celebrate about Bruce Lee, the martial artist, the philosopher, the actor, but here we are just celebrating Bruce Lee - the legend," said Damon Lau, President of Round 5. "Working with MAD on a brand like Bruce Lee has been incredible, his passion for the brand is so evident in the design of this collection, which is amongst the best we've ever created."

We can expect a global release of the first Temple of Kung Fu figure this summer! The figure will feature a 3" blind box assortment of 28 characters. These figures will be released around the world. In addition to the standard figures, Temple of Kung Fu will include hyper-limited chase figures feature alternative colorways, costume designs and accessories.

MAD is stoked to be working on the Bruce Lee brand.

"I've been a fan of Bruce Lee since watching his movies as a kid, and he's become such an icon I jumped at the opportunity to create this line," said MAD. "I think everyone will be blown away by our first release."



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