Posted by Erica February 02, 2012

This spring Swab Barcelona 2012 will be presenting Swab Toy's by FLS, their AIDS charity project. This will include over 100 artists and designers expressing their own personal artistic intervention on DIY 8 Inch QEE’ Bears.

The exhibition of these exclusive custom toys will be from May 23rd-26th. The project will be curated by architect, collector and expert in the international Art Toys genre, Juan Redon. The 100 Qee’s will be sold online on the Swab Barcelona website and at an auction during the days of the Fail.

The benefits of the auction will be destined entirely to the Lluita Contra la Sida Foundation Fighting Aids (FLS), a non-profit organization whose core missions are healthcare, research and teaching in the field of HIV infection.

Toy2R is honored to be a part of this exhibition and look forward to the international creations that will make this a unique and important event for 2012. Its so awesome to see all of these people come together and create beautiful work all for such a great cause.


Check out Swab's website for more information as the time comes closer.



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