Posted by Richie February 22, 2012

Another release from the guys from Super7, a range of bootleg Menko cards!

Before we go on, What the deuce are Menko Cards???

"Menko is a Japanese card game played by two or more players. A player's card is placed on the hardwood or concrete floor and the other player throws down his card, trying to flip the other player's card with a gust of wind or by striking his card against the other card. If he succeeds, he takes both cards. The player who takes all the cards, or the one with the most cards at the game's end, wins the game." (via

Sound exciting? Hell yeah!

It's reminiscent of those dastardly 'pogs' we had in school back in the day in the UK. If you strike the card hard enough and the cards flip over then winner takes all! A brutal life lesson learnt all over school yards across the country leaving a wake of weeping kids.

These cards are beautifully rendered with some vintage asian style illustrations depicting epic kaiju-esque battle scenes that could be mistaken to be from Godzilla or Ultraman itself.

Each card is 1.75" x 3", they retail at $2 per card or $20 for set of 10 cards.

So if you want to revert to some childish fun or even just a set of beautiful querky illustrations for an affordable price, remember to pen it in your diaries or set a reminder on your cell phone.

They will be available this Thursday, February 23rd at Noon (Pacific) at the Super7 Store!

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