Posted by Erica March 05, 2012

Andres Zamora is a toy designer from Miami Florida. Andres is trying to to get his latest designer toy promoted and funded on Busted Cap is a DIY toy that is a mixture of Modern Urban Art and Classical Sculpture.

Busted Cap is a Do-It Yourself Designer Toy that combines the classic styling of a decorative bust statue and todays modern urban design. Busted Cap is an art medium, a canvas, a customizable presentation piece where the possibilities of artistic expression are limitless. 

"I wanted to create something that was clean, structured smoothly for painting, and artistically generic enough to leave room for a designers creativity.  I wanted the piece to be just edgy enough but also original. " says Andres

"The bust's plinth (rounded stand underneath) gives a classical feel to the sculpture.  The human figure above provides a clean generic style almost mannequin-like.  On the figure's head is a fitted baseball cap giving it it's urban appeal as well as a representation of modern day meets classical art vibe."


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