Posted by Seek and Destroy March 20, 2012

As far as reality TV goes, I am not so much into the forced drama stuff as much as the back story and inner workings of the topic at hand. Enter tattoo reality TV.

Miami Ink was pretty genuine for a while you got to see the inner workings of the shop how and why people got tattoos, the artistry and design process that went into the ink, some homey type shit, Kat's struggles with living in Miami some really enjoyable stuff.

Speaking of Kat enter LA Ink... did someone mention forced conflicts of reality TV? While Kat, Corey and everyone are all great artist, for me it really just became the lets create a conflict here show, but it was still worth the trip.

NY Ink same as above but come on do we really need to chase Chris Torres around NYC ( I really didn't even want to say his name).

Ink Master I thought was a good blend of both a little cockiness and conflict at the brownstone, some harsh criticism from the judges while also showcasing a wide variety of styles, art and technique. 

I am looking forward to see what happens with Best Ink. It looks like it will be a little more on the drama end of the spectrum so we'll see. Airing onMarch 27th I will be blogging about the show as it happens. 


So stay tuned and till next time…Seek and Destroy


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