Posted by Erica March 21, 2012

This week Super7's got 2 brand new T-Shirts that will be up for grabs tomorrow! First is the Bigfoot Disguise Tee. Just put yourself in Bigfoot's shoes. He's a pretty huge dude, just going about his own business, and people like us are always trying to find him, snap photos of him, and basically harass the poor fellow. So Super7 has created a disguise for Bigfoot so that maybe he could live a somewhat normal life. And so it was born, The Bigfoot Disguise Tee. Retails for $25

Next is the Pizzatarian Tee perfect for any pizza loving fan. We have the meat lovers out there, and we have the vegetarians out there, but if you could eat pizza everyday without turning into a slice of it, you are officially a Pizzatarian and this is the Tee for you. Retails for $25.

These will be up for grabs tomorrow at noon pacific!




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