Posted by Richie March 01, 2012

Introducing Cédric De Smedt. Belgian Artist and Illustrator. 

Cédric or also known simply as CDS is an Artist and Illustrator currently studying Art in Brussels. He's also the creator and writer of the Musical/Artistic blog

As always, here at Clutter we love to see what you upcoming artists have to offer and we're pleased to share some of CDS's work with you!


La pleureuse et le volé.

As you can see CDS's work is very striking with contrasting colourschemes. There's a very strong theme of death and torment permeating in his works too with all the dismembered iconography scattered throughout. A touch of Francis Bacon's darkness perhaps? I'm certainly no qualified art critic myself but I find the pieces very stirring, edging on the side of disturbing even, a genuine experience to see!

Good Job Cédric, best of luck wth your studies.


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