Posted by Erica March 28, 2012

Check out Carson Catlin's contribution to Super7's "PLAYSAM 500" show. The show requires artists to customize a Playsam Streamliner Classic.

This is the first time that Carson has ever worked with wood, and from what we understand he really enjoyed the experience. He began his idea with a sketch and then slowly drilled away with a dremmel. Then he painted the wheels with light green acrylic, and finished them with a high gloss laquer. The body was stained twice and sanded down to show some unstained wood. To finish the project Carson gave it a warm gloss and waxed the car... for at least three hours.

"My goal was to achieve something similar to my cuts pieces but came away with a mushroom looking thingy. Thats why its called fungusamongus."- says Carson

The contents of the show be sold and the proceeds will be donated to the World Childhood Foundation.


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