Posted by Erica March 29, 2012

Check out Foldable.Me! The Foldable.Me team has joined forces with CubeeCraft to build a website where anybody can create a customized cardboard toy! You can make one of yourself, or one for each of your family members. Select facial features, glasses, clothing etc. and view your creation in 3D with the 3D model creation tool.

Once you have finished your virtual design it is printed onto cardboard and shipped right to your door (worldwide). No need for scissors or glue, just a few folds and your Foldable will stand at just over 8cm tall.

The Foldable.Me team is looking for some real toy enthusiasts to collaborate with to make Foldable.Me better. As of right now people can only pre-order on Kickstarter. They are trying to make it in the toy world, so any help greatly appreciated!

Check out their Kickstarter and show Foldable.Me some support!


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