Posted by Trustpigs March 14, 2012

For long-time fans of Frank Kozik's work, you might have a vague recollection of the "Nervous Cosmonaut" Bear Qee he designed for the Donna Karan New York World tour in 2005. Extremely limited and much saught after, Kozik and Toy2r are giving fans a chance to own a modern redesign of this piece; except, this time, it will be as an imposing 36" tall figure.

There were only 500 copies of the original piece made worldwide and they were strictly available at DKNY's Madison and Soho Stores, the 2005 Toy2r Expo, and Yoyamart. But, as you can clearly see in the below Design Reference Sheet, his newly acquired 3-foot-tall impressive stature hasn't made him any less nervous after all these years… or any less dedicated to Mother Russia, as his various Soviet Union emblems indicate.

Of course, the real questions you want answered are: When? Where? And how much? To the best of our knowledge, this figure is currently still in pre-production with no hard release date set. Yet we do know it will be a special order item made exclusively available through Toy2r directly with an estimated price of $2800, based on the cost of previous 36" figures from the company.

But we here at Clutter do have a fourth question on our minds… Why is he so damned nervous? We strongly suspect — and are sure you'll agree — that it probably has to do with this:


Yes, Kozik is also introducing the world to a companion Bear Qee: the Dead Cosmonaut. A variant of the Nervous Cosmonaut redesign, the cold harshness of space has drained all the color from his suit and the flesh from his skin, making him as dead as the Communist country that he once explored for. We're told this will be released later this year in both a 5" and 8" version as well as (possibly) a 36" giant. I fully anticipate someone, somewhere, buying the "Nervous Cosmonaut" and having a smaller "Dead Cosmonaut" figure circling his head, like a morbid prophetic vision.


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