Posted by Richie March 01, 2012

Tamaki from Peter Kato got in touch with us about a new line of resin figures. The Tetsujin Toy Project!

Peter Kato is a hand made resin figure artist based in Brooklyn. These little guys are called Hinomaru Turtle Tetsujin. As you can see they're cast in crystal clear resin with a solid red cirlce inside. This is to represent the hinomaru or Japanese flag/ rising sun. Why all the Japanese reference you might ask? Well it's been done with all proceeds (yes 100%) donated to help the people of Japan at the affected site who have suffered from the horrific disaster a year ago on  March 11. You dont need me to tell you, it was a terrible event and no one deserves such a relentless experience haunting their lives, whilst money wont cure the ongoing problems, it'll certainly help to make things right, and it's good to know that there are still people out there raising funds for such a cause.  

This project was made possible with the combined efforts of Peter Kato, My Plastic Heart and the NY Japanese American Lions Club Charities Inc.

The figures will be priced at $25 dollars and there is a starting run of 40pcs. If sales are successful, he'll continue making more at My Plastic Heart.

This is in fact Peter's second Japan fund raising toy project. Last year he worked with Toy Tokyo to make "The Pocket Powers" series. Below is a short video of that series.


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