Posted by Trustpigs March 19, 2012

The above image actually isn't a new custom by Huck Gee, it's the General Shirokuri 7" Munny he sold 10 of in June of last year. But it did serve as the basis for a new custom: a 20" Mega Munny of the same design.

As you can see, Gee stayed true to his original design in this goliath version. And, per usual, his paint job is flawless, on the level of a production piece. While the sculpt is minimal, the hair being swept back from the top of the head and ears is — likewise — so perfect that it can easily be mistaken as part of the base platform. Accessories include the wooden geta (traditional Japanese footwear), real fabric and leather clothing, and even a wonderful metal ear stud.

As fans know, Gee does have back stories for all his customs; so here's the original flavor text from the 7" run he did in 2011:

Hailing from the wintery northlands, he led his warriors into battle with cunning bravado, demanding their loyalty and inspiring their excellence. General Shirokuri, once called lightning incarnate, was keen to never rely on brute force, instead using his wits to outflank and outmaneuver his opponents in his vast, mountainous homeland. After the wars, the people gave his name to a majestic peak, the base of which was the site of one of his most famous victories. And to this day, rumor has it that the rare, white chestnuts of Mount Shirokuri have mystical powers.


Did we forget to mention the sword? Much like with his recent "Not So Glorious Soaring Hatchet Munk" custom dunnys, the weapon is hand-crafted to be as real as possible… meaning that he deconstructed a real, quite sharp metal blade to make this from. Gee even joking remarks that he has "no clue how I built this and kept all my limbs accounted for."


Even the sode (Japanese shoulder armor) pieces are magnificently detailed, made to be as historically accurate looking as possible. The final destination of this true work of art is Tokyo, Japan, but the question remains if it was a privately commissioned piece, destined to take a place of honor in a collection, or if it's glory will be displayed in some establishment, sure to be a draw to Gee fans from everywhere.

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