Posted by Erica March 07, 2012

For those of you who haven't read our previous blog, Toy2R and So So Happy have teamed up to put together custom toy event. 30+ Artists have been asked to create their very own custom Qee using the world of So So Happy as their inspiration. While other artist's have been leaking their creations, Mikie Graham has remained silent...Untill now!

Check out Mikie Graham's entry for the Toy2R/So So Happy Custom Qee Show the "Mon-Kii Bot"


"On this custom i tried to Avoid my usual style of sculptural re-interpretation. Instead I stuck to straight 2D design and tried to get my character across using the simple 2D style of So So Happy, with the obvious exception of Mon-Kii's hand sculpted banana accessory." - says Mikie

If you like his custom work make sure to check out Mikie's website and sign up for the monthly newsletter HERE or find him on facebook HERE

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