Posted by Erica March 05, 2012

"....a windy sunday afternoon, when i was having a coffee and day dreaming by the window of a cafe, i saw a little grey bird on a treetop. it was alone and didn't move much. it might be waiting for someone, someone it loves, someone important. i looked at it for a while, then it flew away. another windy sunday afternoon, when i was having milk and cookies in the same place, i looked at that tree again, i didn't see the grey bird this time but an orange one. it stood alone on the same treetop. it seems that it was waiting for someone, but no one turned up. then it flew away after awhile. what's happened to them? a love story is seemingly behind them...i am not sure, may be i think too much. spring may not be the best season for day dreaming,  but I like to all the same..."

Inspired by those birds, Mr Clement created a story of a pair of ji ja birds - the missing ji ja.
"The ji ja bird is missing someone, someone it knows, but has never met, someone it met but has never known"

Price: £22 each (Free shipping)

Limited Run of 300

Material: PVC

Figure with package Weight: 100g

Figure size: 8.2cm X 4.5cm X 4cm

Package Size: 19cm X 10.5cm X 6cm

Shipping Date: middle of March, 2012


- 2 colors available (orange and grey)

- 3 jointed figure, arm and neck

- Each figure comes with a small paper

poster that fits into the mouth of figure

- Each figure has a limited edition no.

*Pre-Order by email via



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