Posted by Trustpigs March 23, 2012

The above pictured custom was constructed by Jared "Nikejerk" Cain as part of the official threeA "I Am Legion" group toy show that took place last year. But now he's decided to raffle the piece off, 100% of the proceeds going to Breast Cancer research and treatment in the form of sponsoring a friend who is walking nearly 40 miles in the upcoming Avon Walk for Break Cancer (May 5-6 in Washington, DC). More pictures and information regarding the custom figure are located after the vitals regarding how you can enter this raffle.

Each entry into the raffle to win this figure costs $20 and you can enter as many times as you would like; remember, 100% of this money will go towards financially backing someone participating in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. Cain's goal is to sell a maximum of 40 raffle tickets, so that is the cap he has placed on the number of entries; he'll refund any payments received after that quota is filled. Once he's reached his quota, he'll use a computerized random selection generator to pick a winner from all entrants.

To enter, all you need to do is send a $20 payment to through PayPal. Please make sure your payment is marked as Personal and then check Other, adding "Avon Walk Donation" into the comments box. If you wish to purchase more than one ticket, please increase your payment in increments of $20: $40 for two entries, $60 for three, etc.

In addition to being entered in the raffle, Nikejerk will send a small custom 'something' to all 40 of the enrtrants in the mail as a special 'Thank You.' Entrants will be contacted through the same e-mail address used to make your PayPal payment.

Cain will personally cover all costs of worldwide shipping for this raffle.

Please note: Cain does have to impose a minimum quote on this raffle as well. If at least 30 spots are not filled, then the raffle is cancelled and all payments related to it will be refunded.


Entitled "Rasp," this figure was built using a Heavy Bramble backpack, 5 Dropcloth arms, a WWRp Bramble gatling gun and backpack, and 2 Bertie arms along with custom-made claws. And the driver is a custom-made and painted Glyos figure. Quite the stunning piece and a welcome addition into one lucky winner's home.




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