Posted by baykiddead March 19, 2012

Good lord. After their enormously awesome paper toy show, the powers that be from the Massachusetts powerhouse, Phidias Gold, are going to be laying down some sweet magic on us. This particular voodoo comes at us in the form of Stack the Deck, a skateboard art show. The roster promises to sate.

In addition to the previously mentioned powers that be, Wesley and Ryan Eggebrecht, they've gathered some wonderfully talented creatives including a bunch of the artists that contibuted to the paper toy series. Hydro74, Matt Byle, Amy Rauner, Allison Bamcat, and of course, the ever present, Tougui. Part of me wants no part of this as it'll only serve to drain my bank account, but the rest of me wishes I still lived back east so I could attend the Artist reception this coming April 13th at the Fourth Wall Project in Boston, Massachusetts.

Find out more HERE.


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