Posted by Erica March 29, 2012

I cant even believe this is real, but I have just stumbled upon a product called "Shitter". Yes thats right... Shitter allows you to print your entire Twitter Feed onto a roll of toilet paper.

"Shitter will take one or more feeds from your Twitter account and turn it onto four rolls of toilet paper, delivered straight to your door for $35."

If you are wondering how Twitter feels about Shitter The Huffington Post tells us this Twitter employee is loving it:

"OMG I'm so ordering [Shitter] for the @TwitterUK office," wrote Twitter UK office manager Helen Moyes in a tweet.

I dont know if i am cool with dropping $8 on a roll of toilet paper. Also, i hear that your supposed to treat people how you want to be treated, and i dont know how i would feel about one of my friends wiping their ass with my tweets.

All i can say... is Holy Shitt(er)!


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