Posted by Nick March 16, 2012

Were't able to grab an new iPad today? Yeah me either :( but hey don't worry! In the meantime console yourself with ordering this plush version of the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Kinda creepy that the people at Throwboy have managed to capture the man completely in plush form. Apologies Throwboy do not actually name Jobs as the character in question but i think we all know that it is. Their name for him is iCEO, an attempt presumably to halt Apple stopping them from producing the product as happened with the awesome 12" figure that went up for pre-order soon after the iconic figure's passing.

The doll is 15" tall and comes complete with rimless glasses, black turtleneck and denim jeans (the classic Jobs ensemble). 10% of the profit from each toy sold will go to the American Cancer Society and is limited to 1200 pieces.

The figure is set for release in 2012 retailing for $60 each. Also available for pre-order now on the Throwboy Online Store

Now to be honest i'm torn on this figure, Jobs has never looked more adorable but I think the 10% of Profits going to the American Cancer Society is nice an all but it's merely a gesture, especially when alot of people will see it as treading on the iconic mans grave and the donation to charity an attempt to weasel out of a lawsuit or cease and desist order. In my opinion the only way that you can get away with making a figure like this is if you plan on making nothing from it and 100% or profits go to charity, like so many did last year when we gladly donated our money to go to aid for victims of natural disaster in Japan.

So it's up to you if you want to buy the figure or not. Personally i'd rather see $60 go to the charity



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