Posted by Erica March 27, 2012

At first glance these just look like colorful, chunky, somewhat geometric rings. But they are actually Crayon Rings. Tim Liles started this project as a very simple interpretation of "color" for a show sponsored by the American Design Club. Since then these colorful crayon rings have taken off and are now sold in shops museums and galleries all around the world.

"They seem to hit a nostalgic and happy spot for so many different types of people, and that makes me happy." -says Liles

These Crayon Rings can be found an any of the following locations:

Future Perfect in Brooklyn

The Tate Gallery in London

Oye Modern in Australia

The Norweigan Centre for Design and Architecture in Oslo

Handmade in Switzerland

Sold in multiple color assortments and a universal size range, the Crayon Ring is a product that is sure to bring out the child in everyone.

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