Posted by Miranda March 29, 2012

I love Toy2r, but I find Toy2r's latest release a little confusing and the press release hilarious. They have taken their "platform" Qee and added spikes (and drips) to take "DIY to the next level".

"From graffiti styles with the Melting Bear to the Kaiju genre with the Spike Bear – the range will be unlimited".... Hmm.... Now i though the fact that they were blank DIY figures meant that artist could create those particular genres? and who said spikes = Kaiju?!  

Anyway.. I'm not sold on these, although i think the drippy one is kinda cute (and of course i love the pink vinyl), but I am sure that some awesome customs will be made using these as a base! These two new styles will be released in 4 color ways and priced at $20. Available now for wholesale.   




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