Posted by Erica March 15, 2012

I really cant tell you why, myself, a vegetarian here at Clutter Magazine, seems to be the only one blogging about hamburgers. I must have some sort of curiosity when it comes to ground beef, it intrigues me. But anyway, White Castle has released a steam-grilled-on-a-bed-of-onions Original Slider®-scented candle. WHAT? LOL! i cant help but let out a little giggle. Typically when you light a candle you expect to smell a warm delicious vanilla, or a tropical coconut scent to fill your house. Most people associate candles with romance. Apparently to White Castle, nothing is more romantic then the aroma of sautéed onions and a greased up slider. 

White Castle originally launched the candle in honor of National Hamburger Month, they released a small supply of 10,000 candles and sold out in less then 48 hours. The candles are packaged in a ceramic holder in the shape of that signature cardboard burger sleeve we all know and love.

But i really want to know who is responsible for this...unique idea. The idea for the candle was born when White Castle executives met Slatkin, who sits on the board of Autism Speaks.

“When I met Bill and Marci Ingram, two of the owners of White Castle, we laughed about producing a candle that smells like a Slider®, But, the more we talked about it, the more I thought to myself, ‘What could be better than a candle that smells like a White Castle slider? It’s what we all crave, most of all me!’ I am thrilled it has been so well-received by White Castle lovers everywhere – I think it is definitely the next best thing!” Slatkin says.

And that was it, White Castle teamed up the Laura Slatkin, founder and CEO of Nest Fragrances. Laura is known to be the "queen" of home fragrances. And so it was, America's first fast-food hamburger fragrance.

I even came across a review of this burger candle online

"Before I lit this candle, my house only smelled like dog piss. Now it smells like thin greasy onion burgers and dog piss."

Interesting to say the least.

Net proceeds of the candles will benefit Autism Speaks.


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