Posted by Zombiekel April 08, 2012

It’s been nearly 2 years in the making, but it’s finally here. 30 UK Artists and Designers have taken the 8” blank DIY platform toy “Qee”, and used it to express what “Heavy Metal” means to them. The finished pieces are ready and will be displayed for 1 week at the Forbidden Planet Megastore in London.

The show starts on the 12th of April and runs through till the 19th. Go and take a look at these amazing creations. To go with the show HMQ Mastermind/Organiser & Curator Dan Perry has produced a 64 page book.

The book has a spread dedicated to each artists creation, with full colour photographs, information about the artist and their masterpiece. The books will go on sale in-store at Forbidden Planet, and online at from the 12th of April, for just £14.99 each.

On the 19th of April at 6pm, there will be a meet the artists session at Forbidden Planet. The majority of the artists involved in the project will be on hand to talk to you about their creations, sign your show book, and maybe if your lucky doodle on your own blank Qee. Of course there will be the usual free badges, cake, and merriment.

We’re pretty sure we will relocate after the official meet and greet, to a nearby watering hole for an alcohol fuelled after party!

The finished toys will go on sale at after the show ends, around the 20th of April. You will be able to own your favourite Heavy Metal Qee.

All proceeds from the book and toys will be donated to the Garden House Hospice.


Please check out for more info

There's also a Facebook Event page which you can join in on and keep right up to date with the plans


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