Posted by Trustpigs April 07, 2012

The fantastic duo of 64 Colors recently brought you the Supermagical Dunny, as you may recall. Then, during their Kidrobot signing tour, the first people at each stop to buy those 8" vinyl treasures were treated to an added accessory: a hand-carved, hand-painted mushroom-headed walking staff. People loved these, demanding more, so the husband and wife team also included the accessory with their AP edition of the Dunny. But still more people wanted them! So… you can know just buy the walking stick accessory.

Limited to only 15 hand-carved and painted pieces, each completely unique and just shy of 7" tall, at the price of $25 each. Customers will be limited to only one copy, though… so pick wisely. They will go on sale tonight (April 7th) at 6PM EST in the 64 Colors web shop.

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