Posted by Nick April 04, 2012

Finally an excuse to post some Scarlett Johansson related news on the Clutter Blog. This latest teaser for The Avengers movie shows the Black Widow getting called in for a mission!

Only a month away I really hope they haven't revealed the entire movie in clips by then, but in the meantime this one will do me fine. Clip sees Scarlett Johansson reprise her role as the Black Widow, tied up and receiving a call from Agent Coulson to come in. She then escapes and beats the crap out of a few guys and then probably goes home, showers and takes some photos of herself in the mirror. lol

I have to say this clip makes me happy (in several ways, but we won't go into that here) cos i really wasn't convinced by Scarletts introductory performance as the Widow in Iron Man 2, where she was super wooden acting wise and her sole job was to look alluring, but she didn't sell the action for me. But this clip shows that she can do it very nicely indeed, so there's yet another bonus to go see The Avengers when it comes out in May.

Like you weren't going already

Avengers Assemble

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