Posted by Miranda April 17, 2012

Friday (the 13th) night saw the Clutter Staff spook up for one of our Family members, Ty Patterson's, Sweet 16 Party. As a Brit this was super exciting for me, not only had i never been to a sweet 16 (we don't do these in the UK, 18 is the big one for us),  but i got to dress in my favorite costume theme - HALLOWEEN!! whoop whoop! 

We had an awesome night of drinking and dancing (to band who did a kick ass job!). But, what makes a sweet 16? I hear all you Brits cry - well its a lot like a wedding, but instead of a groom there is a candle lighting ceremony (16 of course) where each one is dedicated to someone important in the Birthday girl or boy's lives. Very cute and loving! 

Here are some awesome photos by the fabulous John Wicker for you to enjoy!  


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