Posted by Trustpigs April 29, 2012

The Battle of the Mascots series present Good vs. Evil, a new blind boxed custom series that pits teams of customizers against one another. Using nothing but the 3" Kidrobot Mascot platform at the base, two groups of customizers were randomly picked to represent the force of good and the hordes of evil… Sekure D commands his battalions of light, including Hugh RoseAlexBreakFuller, and MatCanDraw, while Don P controls his legion of horrors, namely CommandanteNikejerkJFury, and JC Rivera.

Each customizer has been tasked with creating five customs, including one chase variant, which will then be sold on May 22nd as a series of 50 blind boxed figures. Each piece will retail for $65 and, once released, there will be an online poll on the Battle of the Mascots website where fans will be able to vote on the customs, determining which side has won.

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