Posted by Seek and Destroy April 06, 2012

Ok it's a little hard to keep up with Best Ink, I do have shit to do you know! Anyway, this week they dropped a deuce…their second episode.



Here's my thing. How would you like to be a skin on the show?


The person getting the tattoo. It seems like they are just another piece of meat.


Being shuffled around from artist to artist. Meanwhile the artists are complaining and stressing out and being rushed.


Not sure why these people sign up for this, or if they will continue to in the future. 


To be a model in the flash challenge where the paint washes off is one thing.



But in the pin-up challenge it is a real tattoo we are talking about. 


Then to have to stand there while the judges are critiquing the work that is on your skin permanently.


I mean when they are good theyr'e good, but how would you like to go home with the tattoo that irks the judges, or could have been much better… and so on. 


Like last nights tattoo that was backwards and by an artist who only has 2 years experience.



Sorry Meghan not for me.


Seek and Destroy...



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