Posted by Nick April 02, 2012

Too many cooks in this collaboration? Maybe but more of that inside as Bounty Hunter release this new Mickey Mouse inspired Skull-kun figure.

Nice to see Bounty Hunter continuing to take a fresh look at their classic Skull Kun figure tho i woulda preferred to see this figure without the Mickey ears. As iconic as they are they seem very tacked on whereas the rest of the costume additions look great! The figure releases on April 6th at Juice stores around the globe and retails for about HKD 1200 (approx $155). If it didnt have the ears i might have picked up this figure!

Once you read all the info on the figure the collaboration becomes clear. Bounty Hunter make the figure, Mindstyle have the license (I thought CLOT had one too, but maybe they have been working with MS on their other Disney related goods), but Juice is the name of the CLOT stores, so that explains their part of the deal.




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