Posted by Erica April 02, 2012

PillowMob is a company that creates custom pillows. All you do is go to their website, upload your photo, choose what color you want the back of the pillow to be, and they send it to you in the mail. When i read these few easy steps i thought it was to good to be true, i said to myself "if this is as awesome as i think it is, these could be my new favorite gift to give!". In my opinion the idea is brilliant. You could give one of these to ANYBODY.

Send your friend a donut pillow.

or send your parents an anniversary pillow.

or make a bunch of your close friends, so you always have your posse with you.

I was more than intrigued when i came across this site, so i decided to make customize one myself.

and here is my precious work of art! TAADAAAA

Who doesn't need a Pink Reagan Pillow to go along with their Clutter Exclusive PINK Gipper/Reagan Bust?




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