Posted by Erica April 25, 2012

Recently Phidias Gold opened the Stack the Deck skateboard art show and pop-up shop at the Fourth Wall Project in Boston. There are over thirty customized deck's on display. Some artists chose to hand paint their deck's, some chose to silk screen them, and others used some pretty cool laser cutting techniques. The artist's include illustrators, printmakers, and photographers from all around the world.

Eric Waetzig sent us some details on his Deck, for the show, titled "Death Cannot Kill What is Already Dead".

"This deck was pressed and shaped by hand. The graphic phrase on the bottom "Death Cannot Kill What is Already Dead" was burn engraved by hand taking 10hrs alone. The chiseled edges where sanded by hand and finally the board was coated in four layers of polyurethane." - says Eric

If you are in the area, be sure to check out the show before it ends on April, 29th. (this coming sunday)


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