Posted by Erica April 03, 2012

Harry the hermit crab finds himself running into the same problem that all Hermit Crabs do, he's got to cover his soft belly! Hermit Crab's soft bellies leave them vulnerable to the elements and predators, which is why most Hermit's tuck themselves into sea shells.

But Harry isn't just a normal Hermit Crab, Harry lives inside Legoland, Windsor, in the UK. The staff at Legoland had a very unique approach when it came to giving Harry the proper protection. So as you can see Harry is sporting a red, yellow and blue, LEGO shell-shaped home!

“We decided to give Harry a wider choice and the model makers here created a special Lego house just for him… We weren’t really sure if he’d actually move in, but he rejected the sea and snail shells on offer and seems very comfortable in his new home”. -says Legoland

This is AWESOME! lol i had to share this with you guys because i couldn't even believe this was real.


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