Posted by Trustpigs April 11, 2012

Your on the desert planet of Tatooine, huge sandcrawlers slowly rolling across the horizon… A weird sound catches your ear just in time for you to spot short, robed figures, their blasters aimed at you. The scavengers have come to steal your technology, ready to sell it later to unsuspecting buyers. Yes, you've encounted the Jawas.

For their simple appearance, I've always loved the Jawa look from Star Wars: A New Hope. Those obscurring robes, beady red eyes, they just seemed like fantastic creatures. And obviously I'm not alone, as someone commissioned JFury to make the above pictured 3" dunny custom. There's some absolutely stunning sculpting on JFury's part to get that robe to flow properly and the two-color paint job creates some wonderful depth for the folds.

JFury is one of those artists that keeps pushing himself and he gets better with each piece. And while this exact figure has been spoken for, JFury has since received several further commissions for Jawa customs. Want one of your own? You can buy a 3" dunny custom by JFury in his web shop and then just request a Jawa.

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