Posted by Trustpigs April 05, 2012

Multiskull. Crawdad Kid. Phantom Outhouse. King Castor. Stroll. That's right, OMFG! Series 1 figures are back! Due to the phenomenal success of the initial release, October Toys is gearing up for second series… but they've squeezed a little 'thank you' in there for the fans, as well. Currently fully funded on Kickstarter, with seven days remaining, all your Series 1 favorites are being reissued in a Glow-in-the-Dark edition!

The set features Monsterforge's Multiskull, Daniel Yu's Crawdad Kid, Kyle Thye's Phantom Outhouse, Dominic Campisi's King Castor, and John "Spanky" Stokes's Stroll. And, as the shown mock-up by Stokes reveals, this GitD version will look killer. So head on over to the Kickstarter campaign and, for a mere $10 (domestic shipping included), get yourself a set of these wonderful figures.


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