Posted by Miranda April 30, 2012

Pete Fowler has got together with Post Living to create some monsterific side tables. Limited to 25 pieces, each table comes complete with 2 limited edition prints to display in your home,  giving you an awesome triptych of delight. Each table is for sale for £125, and the designs are taken from Pete's iPad art, a tool which he is in LOVE with. 

Each table is 450mm (w) x 450mm (d) x 360mm (h) and will arrive at your house, pre-assembled. They are constructed from 18mm MDF with the legs and top being a mixture of wood and laminate. 


"I’ve always been interested in furniture and ways of introducing functionality to artwork and vice versa, so this project with Post Living caught my attention. This series of images are drawn from my most recent work using the ipad to paint with. It’s such an immediate tool to use, like a sketchbook but with full colour at your fingertips." 

"To anyone who is familiar with my work, owls started cropping up as I started to become comfortable using the ipad. A group of almost half owl-half human characters appeared over a few days painting and they seemed to be alive and could do with a home, it seemed perfect to set them free in people’s living rooms. Are they a family or related? I’ll leave that up to whoever lives with them but I’ve just called them the Owlers after a group of beloved friends." Says Pete

PostLiving is a UK based company set up around a passion for urban art and simple modern and affordable pieces of furniture and homewares. The founders of PostLiving have backgrounds in graphic, interior and product design. The end game is to work alongside artists creating an atmosphere of co-operation and collaboration.


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