Posted by Nick April 12, 2012

Check out this trailer for the forthcoming sixth installation of the classic Resident Evil series. The trailer was unveiled this week at Capcom's Captivate event.

This trailer seems to show no gameplay whatsoever, the original trailer showed some glimpses of that (posted below). What we do get is more story and character information. This game stars a ton of the protagonists from previous games dating back to the original. Taking centre stage is RCPD Officer Leon Kennedy star of RE2 & 4 (one of my favorite games of all time) & Chris Redfield of the original game. Ashley (the annoying daughter of the President) also returns, wonder if she knows about Leon killing her Zombie Presidential Dad (President Evil lol) in the first trailer! We also see what might be Ada Wong or a new character. What is interesting is that we meet Wesker Junior, son of Albert Wesker, all round bad dude and Umbrella Corp affiliated.

Looks like you'll be playing as Leon, Chris and Wesker (hopefully not Ashley cos she is lame) and all will have slightly varied play styles. Don't know if you will play through separately as each character, it is more likely that you'll switch at points in one play through.

The 'C' Virus (not the original T Virus) has been released and mutates people rather than turns them into the original zombies from the first games. This also matches the evolution in gameplay that's been taking place from the first games 'survival horror' gameplay to being a straight up shooter. RE6 seems like it's adopting some Uncharted/Gears of War style gameplay and turning into a bit of a cover shooter. Capcom have had some success in this genre with the over the top underrated action shooter Vanquish.

Should be interesting to see if the long term fans of the series stick by this one. Oh yeah the other thing, the game has been brought forward to October for release rather than competing with November releases like whatever the new Call of Duty game out this year is. lol


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