Posted by Erica April 27, 2012

Join Tara McPherson, this Saturday April 28th, at The Cotton Candy Machine for the signing of her book, Bunny in the Moon: The Art of Tara McPherson Volume III.

"There is also a very special aspect to this book signing and it has to to with my new art boutique, Cotton Candy Machine... Not many people know this, but the location of Cotton Candy Machine was actually my art studio for the 5 years prior to the boutique opening! So all the paintings in my past 2 art books were all painted inside the very same space!! It means a lot to me to be able to have the signing and share my work with you in the same room that I spent so many long hours and long nights working on all the pieces that are in my new book!" - Tara McPherson

The first 50 people that purchase a copy of the book, at the boutique, the day of the signing will recieve a FREE Trance giclee!

And for those of you who will not be able to attend the signing, The Trance Series Giclee's were released, signed, ready to ship, and are available HERE for $25! 

The Cherry Blossom Trance

The Forget me not Trance

The Gloxinia Trance

Book Signing Saturday April 28th

7 to 9pm

The Cotton Candy Machine

235 South 1st Street (between Roebling and Havemeyer)

Brooklyn, NYC 11211



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