Posted by Trustpigs April 13, 2012

The sparks fly as steel impacts on steel, rusted metal giving way under the strength of freshly polished robo-boxing power. If you've seen the film Real Steel, then you know what I'm talking about; ignore the trite, heart-warming father-and-son story that merely serves as a vehicle for the real tale, the tale of robots boxing each other. And über-high-end designer toy company threeA knows what I mean… Are they releasing a figure of the father? The son? The girlfriend? No to all, their unleashing a 1/6th scale behemoth version of "Ambush" the Boxing Robot upon you.

This monster will stand approximately 16.5" tall, his illuminated eyes intimidating all your other toys. As for articulation, threeA are promising that his "countless moving parts" with "faithfully mimic all the articulation from the film version." And he does look stunning.

If you pre-order your copy from Bambaland starting April 17th at 9AM HKT for $290 (shipping included), then you'll get the added accessory of the "exclusive Ambush 1/6 Controller!" But, should you miss out, all of threeA's premiere distributors will take pre-orders on May 1st, but the price will be $330 through them with no added accessories.


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