Posted by Miranda May 06, 2012

Michael Lau's original Gardenergala figures are considered by some as the holy grail of designer toys. Cited as on of the originators of the designer toy scene Lau's pieces hold their value and his original hand made figures are rarely seen on the secondary market. Occasionally I peruse eBay to see what's up there, this one obviously grabbed my attention.

This Auction is for Miss, one of Lau's hand made 12"'s that was released in 1999 (wow already 13 years old!!). Whether this piece will ever sell for its asking price of $32,500 is debatable. I would love to see it raise this much, and keep the provenance of the piece. My gut tells me that most collectors will feel that the owner is gouging the market (I doubt that many people have this much money floating around in this economy), but the secondary market is what makes an active movement, Not that Lau will be seeing any of it, but he can take that up with the art gods alongside, Picasso, Matisse, Monet and the million other high priced artists.

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