Posted by Miranda May 17, 2012

We're TICKLED and PICKLED to present Clutter's latest exclusive, with self-made artist/producer/genius RYAN RUTHERFORD, aka BRIAN BRUTHERFORD...


Feast your eyes on the RADIOACTIVE RASPBERRY ICE SCREAM MAN, in high-gloss Black and sparkling, glow in the dark Pink. Limited to just 25 pieces, this deadly sweet confection is rotocast right here in the good ol' US of A. Each vinyl figure is signed and numbered by the artist and is available exclusively through CLUTTER!

Figure designed and produced by Brutherford Industries, with box artwork by Tamara Petrosino. The Ice Scream Man came to Brutherford in a vision after a freak accident involving a toilet and a clock. The Ice Scream Man is pure evil… a bringer of cavities and brain freeze.

Standing 5.5 inches tall, rotocast polyurethane (look it up, vinyl junkies, it's the good stuff), limited to 25 pieces. Order now - the Radioactive Raspberry Ice Scream Man begins shipping Monday, May 21st!

$99.99 - BUY NOW!




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